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Rethink the Way You Think About Lease Accounting

Bloomberg Tax Leased Assets™ is an end-to-end lease accounting software solution that helps companies track and manage all lease asset types including operating and finance leases, provide complex calculations for right-of-use (ROU) asset and lease liability, deliver advanced reporting capabilities for journal entry, payment and amortization schedules, and more.

With Bloomberg Tax Leased Assets, you can:

  • Track lease contracts: Upload and store all types of lease contracts with full versioning, permissions, and audit trail history.
  • Centralize asset data: Easily move and centralize your lease data from spreadsheets, paper documents, or an existing system, with our document management feature.
  • Manage entities: Track lease assets by entity and manage all reporting periods including 52/53 week options. You even have the ability to consolidate entities into groups for more simplified management.
  • Leverage advanced reporting: Make better business decisions through advanced reporting capbilities, including payment and amortization schedules, journal entries, ASC 842 disclosures, and more.
  • Generate journal entries: Easily generate journal entries under the new ASC 842 standard. Record assets and liabilities for every lease asset, and determine the correct lease accounting treatment.

Automation is critical to ASC 842 Compliance

Eliminate risks and save time by automating your lease accounting processes with Bloomberg Tax Leased Assets. Our Web-based platform performs all the required calculations needed to comply with ASC 842. From straight-line expense to interest and amortization entries and more, users can confidently calculate journal entries under the new FASB standard.

Watch the video today to learn how you can eliminate risks, save time, and strengthen controls with Bloomberg Tax Leased Assets.

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