Year-End, Year-Round Tax Planning With The Latest Tax Law.

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Additional rule modifications are on the horizon. Income Tax Planner™ Web allows you to confidently and securely navigate complex tax planning scenarios anytime from anywhere, while working with the latest federal and state tax law. Now you can reduce liabilities and present the most advantageous strategies to your clients all year round.

  • Increase efficiency with automatic calculations, such as Section 199, the Net Investment Income Tax, and Excess Business Loss Limitation.
  • Accurately project estimated tax payments, capital gains, AMT, and taxes for resident and multiple nonresident states.
  • Improve client visibility with what-if planning, side-by-side, and multiyear comparisons up to 20 years.
  • Expertly model complicated tax transactions, from investment losses to real estate sales.

Get a free 7-day trial of Income Tax Planner Web to see for yourself. Then take $100 off your purchase. Free CPE-accredited training comes with each license, a total savings of up to $300.*

*Offer available to new customers only with purchase by July 31, 2019. Some restrictions apply.

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